Truly Me: My Thoughts

Truly Me is finally here! I actually thought there was going to be way more new items than there are. Oh well…. :)

Asian Doll

Cute, cute, cute! I really like her. Though I told myself not to get anymore dolls for a while….. My bedroom is running out of space, but I have wanted an Asian doll for a while.

Cecile lookalike

I think this doll is okay. She’s pretty.

Isabelle lookalike

This doll looks, well, too normal. American Girl has way too many blond-haired dolls. They don’t really need another, and there are so many more girls with brown hair. I think this doll was supposed to resemble Isabelle, with the straight, blond hair.


At first I really disliked the new meet outfit, but it’s grown on me. It looks really cute. :)

Doodle Outfit

I love this outfit. Unfortunately, so does my sister, Catlover02. I like the sparkly tutu and purple boots. The whole outfit has mix and match potential.


I think this is cute. The shoes look nice. It would be perfect for Kanani.

Seaside Fun

This outfit is warm colored, and sweet looking. A sweatshirt does look hot for the beach though.


$58 seems like too much for this. The hammock doesn’t look very sturdy for a doll to sit in.


I like this set. It’s cute and simple too. But $24? Catlover02 bought an AG PWP dress for $14. It included shoes!

So, I guess I was expecting too much. I think AG plans to release the other TM items in June/July.

Hopefully a photostory is coming soon!

– American Girl Doll Artist


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