Tutorial – How to Care for Truly Me #58’s Hair

Truly Me #58’s hair makes her one of my favorite dolls. It’s very short and doesn’t get messy easily, but when her hair looks like she just got out of bed, it’s time to break out the hair styling tools.

Today, Amaya is going to be my example. She is very happy, and since I haven’t really done her hair much, it’s not the most pretty it’s every been. :)


As you can tell it’s all over the place and very random.There are even some curls that are uneven and hanging down in some places.


But have no fear! All you need are three tools to get the job done:

  1. A metal wire hairbrush. Do NOT use a plastic hairbrush under any condition. It will have her hair brittle and rough in no time.
  2. A spray bottle. If you don’t have one, you can always dip your fingers in a cup of water.
  3. A smooth stick tool. I use the end of a comb, but a marker or pencil will do.


First off, set your doll in a secure position. I usually set Amaya in between my knees. Make sure she won’t tip over, or slide away, if your working on tile or wood floor.


Select the curl you want and mist it down. Always be sure to keep the water away from your doll’s face! It can cause silver eye, in which the water seeps into your doll’s eye and washes off the paint. Isn’t that lovely? :O


Brush the curl out, gently removing any tangles.


After you’ve brushed it, the curl will look very undone and not curly at all. This is where the stick tool comes in.


Stick the tool underneath the curl and wrap it up tightly, close to your doll’s scalp. It might be helpful to mist the hair again after you’ve wrapped it. Kind of like hairspray.


You can twist the curl any way you want, depending on what side of the head you want the curl to lay.


Remove your stick tool and voila! A beautiful curl! :)


As for matters on how to lay #58’s hair, it just depends out what YOU think looks good. When I look Amaya’s hair out of the hairnet, it did not look organized. Almost like an explosion, with curls springing every which way. Arranging the curls also depends on which way you curl the hair.


Now Amaya is much happier with her hair all freshened up. :)

I hope you enjoyed! This hair tutorial can also be used for Truly Me #33, #56 and even wavy haired dolls like Lea Clark, though it won’t give her tight ringlets like Amaya. :)

– Catlover02


16 comments on “Tutorial – How to Care for Truly Me #58’s Hair

  1. STOP TORTURING ME WITH THIS DOLL! I’m sorry, I just really want this doll. I’m getting her when I go to the ag store, but I don’t know when that’ll happen. Great tutorial! That’s what I do with my curly haired dolls.
    ~Katherine ❤️

  2. I don’t have #58, but I Love hair tutorials! and this one was really helpful! and i’ll definitely use this technique if i get a doll with that type of hair! Amaya is so Cute! <3 :)