Behind the Scenes with American Girl: Building a Set

American Girl has chosen a girl named Valerie to team up with to create some new sets. They found her from her Instagram account. She has such great photography and an eye for fashion that I guess they chose her! In this video, you can see some sneak peeks on how American Girl creates sets!

I am over-the-top excited. That’s exactly what I want to do! I want to create sets for American Girl! I wish American Girl could team up with me. That would probably never happen though. Unless I got a job there. Which I plan to do. :)

And now, a poll!

If you could work for American Girl, what would you do?

— American Girl Doll Artist


9 comments on “Behind the Scenes with American Girl: Building a Set

  1. That girl must be over-the-top excited! I know I would be if I was her.

    Hmm, if I worked for American Girl . . . I’d probably want to write the books, photograph the dolls, or come up with new products :D I guess I’d want to be the president of American Girl! LOL, dream on, me . . .


  2. Wow, this is really cool! American Girl Doll Artist, I just know you would be great at making a set! Maybe you could try making some now and post them on your blog. :) If I worked at American Girl, I would be a product designer.