Meet Melody Ellison – Video

American Girl has posted a video on Youtube of the author of Melody’s books. She talks about how she created Melody’s books and a little bit about her.

Here is a picture in the video of Melody singing.


She will most likely have a microphone and maybe a recording studio, guitar, or piano. The piano explains the retirement of the old My AG piano.

She is wearing her meet outfit, which will probably include those socks and blue flats, and possibly a headband.


This picture is different that the one on her book cover. Her hair seems to be flowing behind her and her bangs look different. They almost look like bangs like Samantha’s, instead of side bangs.

What do you think? Are you excited for Melody?

– American Girl Doll Artist





13 comments on “Meet Melody Ellison – Video

  1. She is lovely. I hope she has a flip hairdo. She won’t have neck strings, though. That, AG corporate stated is a fact! Which to me is very disappointing and downright devastating. I’m not s fan of those trash bag ties at all! I am excited for her though and praying AG sees the light and kris the strings!

    • American Girl is changing them because kids under the age of 8, would see the strings. They didn’t like them, so they cut them off. Then they would complain to American Girl and they’d have to reattach the head. I think that cost AG a lot of money.

      • Thanks for the information! ☺️ I guess it all comes down to money, highly disappointed in American Girl at the moment. That’s a shame, the neck strings are a big part of the AG charm. Interesting, my children would never cut them. My six year old has four dolls and takes the best care of them! I think it’s the responsibility parents to teach their kids to respect the dolls. I think the strings are an integral part of the 30 years of AG heritage. AG should put a gold star sticker with a warning not to cut the strings. We’ve had AG scout clubs meets, none of the kids would ever think of cutting them.

        • I think most girls who cut the strings have just received their first doll, and they don’t know much about them (or their parents) and so they don’t think they need the strings. I too was disappointed and a little angry that AG was switching them, but now I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. They are still going to be the dolls we know and love.

          • I know! I’m still upset, obviously! 😉 I’m not sure my household will ever get over the lack of neck strings. It reminds me of the “Our Generation” dolls quality, and not good quality. It’s really quite disappointing to my family and our friends who are into AG. The strings were part of the old-world spirit and I truly believe that makes the dolls valuable to pass down from generation to generation! The Mattell board of directors seems to have $$$ signs in their eyes over integrity, quality, and ingenuity. I’m thrilled about Melody, but I think money making is what it’s down to. This is a great website, though! I’m happy so many devote and loyal fans! 💗