New YouTube Video – Fall Fabric Haul!

I’m back with another YouTube video! :D This time I talk about all my purchases in a recent fabric haul from Hobby Lobby and Joann’s! The fabrics in the video are the ones I’ll be using in my next Peppermint Pursuits release. :)

What do you guys think I should create with my fabrics? I’d love to hear from you! :D <3

– Dara (American Girl Doll Artist)


5 comments on “New YouTube Video – Fall Fabric Haul!

  1. I am so excited for your new etsy releases! I love all the fabric that you got! I think that the rose fabric should definitely be made for jeans! I have rose print jeans that look exactly like the fabric! With the zippers and the pink fabric I think you should make a jacket. That is my suggestions! I love your YouTube channel and your blog!

  2. That color scheme is really pretty! I wonder if the velvet would work as a dress skirt?
    Have fun sewing! I look forward to seeing what you make in your new shop release!