Leaked – Wellie Wishers Dolls!

The Wellie Wishers dolls have been leaked.



There are going to be 5 dolls. They all wear galoshes, which is where the name “Wellie” came from. Galoshes are called wellies in the UK. These photos are from Instagram and are from Mattel’s toy fair presentation.


Personally, I don’t care for them, but I’m not the target market.



They remind me of Hopscotch Hill and H4H dolls. They are said to be 16 inches tall and they will cost $60 each.


I think I don’t like them because they don’t scream “American Girl” like all the rest of their products. I like American Girl the way it is now.


– American Girl Doll Artist


28 comments on “Leaked – Wellie Wishers Dolls!

  1. They are cute, they just don’t seem like an American Girl level product. I don’t know, kinda looks like something you could buy at Target.

  2. My sisters and I think they look very cute :) Maybe cute enough to buy when they are released, especially if they are inexpensive (Hopefully :) Because one of my little sisters will probably not get an AG doll yet for a long time because my parents and grandma don’t want to spend money on that.
    They are very cute but I agree they don’t look much like AG. They do look like H4H dolls :D

  3. Hmmm… I’m not sure what I think. Some of them are just meh, but that little red head keeps drawing me back to her. I like the idea of using them as little sisters for the AG dolls, but not all of them are very cute. I don’t think I’ll be able to decide until they are officially released ;)

  4. Ugh, this is AG right?? What are they doing!? They just need more money, that’s all it is… They look so cheesy, and plasticy, like you could pick it up at the dollar store (ok, maybe not the dollar store).

  5. Hmm… They look very similar to the Hopscotch Hill dolls. I’m a little sad that these will be replacing Bitty Twins, but I guess the Bitty Twins weren’t selling well and Mattel realized that the target audience enjoyed Barbie sized dolls better.

    -American Girl Doll Crafter

  6. I like the one with the cat shirt and ladybug boots, and I will get it as long as the price isn’t above $100. That’s way to much for a Barbie-sized doll.

  7. These are way bigger than Barbie guys–she’s only 11 1/2 tall.

    I really don’t want to get into another line with different size clothes, that would be a huge deterrent for me. Cute, but I’ll pass. Might make cute younger sisters for AG, but not sure.

  8. I wish they would have been 14″ like the H4H dolls, so they could have shared the shoes and clothes of those dolls, and those of Les Chéries dolls (13″) as well… they are a lot of patterns for them on the internet. But maybe they could share patterns made for 16″ AGAT?

  9. I don’t know- it seems sort of random. I mean, Why rainboots? It doesn’t seem to match the rest of their stuff, ya know? I think they’re cute, though- they’ll definitely go over well with five to seven year olds. :)

  10. Hmmm…they’re cute, but there’s just something about them that doesn’t seem “American Girl”-y enough. I don’t know. And also, it looks like their heads are kind of unnaturally tilted, at least for some of the dolls.

  11. These dolls are adorable. They look like H4H dolls that my daughter loves. The Wellie concept is cute. My 7 year old has been wearing her rain boots everywhere this summer and would probably love a doll that does the same. The outfits are cute. Also reminds me of how my daughter dresses herself. Very colorful. If they are not too pricey, I think they will be a hit with little girls.

  12. My 6 year old said they “look dumb and why????” And ” I think they are “yucky cheap looking and ridiculous!” “they seem like they’d break” lol

  13. Is it just me or do the waists on these dolls look anorexic? I am very concerned. I have seen some pics of AG dolls that don’t do the character justice. So they might be cute but not for $60.00. Maybe for $35.00. I bought my daughter one of Walmart’s My Life little sisters doll. She hates it. She won’t play with it. I think better to stick with the mini dolls line for our young girls that are not ready for a big doll yet. The song is catchy though. I hope I can get it out of my head soon. :/

    • They don’t look too bad, to me, but they are thin. I agree about the price. Their hair is rumored to be rooted, and their eyes do not open and close. No one knows for sure yet if they have cloth bodies or not like the rest of the AG dolls.
      LOL! I got it stuck in my head as well. :)

  14. I have a 5yr old and 3 yr old granddaughters that I’ve bought the AG dolls and they are big for the girls to handle but they love them. The youngest thought the biddy baby was also too big for her so I look forward to see what they think of the Wellie Wishers. To me they look like AG doll’s little sister.

  15. It would appear that they were inspired by the “Tree Change” doll frenzy (only made larger). The faces are similar and the boot idea would also indicate this was were the idea came from. Like the idea – but would prefer the clothes be made from more natural fibers. The clothes look so polyester/rayon – cheap.

  16. I read a blog some time ago in which the writer was ranting about how destructive young girls are with their dolls. She notes that she sees these girls dragging their AG doll around like a stuffed animal or rag doll. She goes on to say that people should not buy a doll or any toy for a child who does not have the maturity to take care of whatever it is. She got all kinds of applause for her stand. If you’ve ever looked at AG dolls on eBay or even YouTube videos of some dolls that are trying to be rescued, I think you can’t help but see her point. I wonder how many AG dolls end up at the AG hospital with the staff horrified at what they see . . . So, what I noticed about the WellieWishers is 1st) They don’t have sleep/closing eyes. 2nd) Their hair looks simple and manageable. 3rd) They look like pictures of my granddaughter and her friends at her 5-7 birthday parties. As far as quality: I am sure that their vinyl is of better quality than some but probably doesn’t pick up the dyes from fabric as easily as an AG classic. I can’t see their body, but they may have a completely vinyl (or plastic) body so all that dragging around isn’t going to rip them to shreds. Also, Im thinking that they can’t be ruined by being around water. I think American Girl is trying to give these girls a cute little playmate, that can withstand their little owners “care” – American Girl doesn’t make “collectable” dolls – the buyers have.

  17. They took away all of the boy dolls in the bitty Twins line just to make room for the Wellie wishers. I’m a little angry, what if a little boy wants to be a dad and wants a doll too? You know what I mean? – Eight-year-old concerned customer